Rehab Services

Our therapy team can provide services for both Long Term Residents & Short Term Rehab to home. We can perform a home evaluation prior to the patients discharge to ensure all goals have been attained for the safest return home.

Our therapy services include:

  • NEW Total-Body Vibration Therapy
  • In-House Rehabilitation Team
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy¬†Our ther
  • Speech Therapy
  • Restorative Therapy
  • Wound Care Team

Physical: Physical Therapists work to restore mobility & promote independence. The goal is to move the patient toward greater independence & mobility, either unassisted or with assist devices. The licensed physical therapists focus on improvement, coordination, balance, strength & endurance.

Occupational: Occupational Therapist use goal directed activity to help restore, maintain & improve daily living skills. The goal is to asses personal self-care & daily living skills & to provide modified techniques &/or adaptive devices, as necessary, to assist patients achieve the skills needed in activities of daily living.

Speech: Speech- language Pathologists focus on improvements in swallowing, hearing, speech, & language proficiency. The goal is to assess & provide treatment for individuals with disorders of speech, language, swallowing, communalizations &/or feeding programs to help the patient recover lost skills or develop new ones.